Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Day 121: Points make Prizes!

Yay! I won a prize for my blog! Well actually it's an 'Award'! I'm super excited about it and it makes me want to do it even more for you guys!

It's weird really, because I've started back at uni now for my final year (cue the horror music) and I am struggling already, to fit my blog around uni hours and all that jazz. So, imagine my surprise when I check my emails this afternoon. I got one from '' and I was thinking, 'Oh, another annoying junk email.' But no, they want to give me a PRIZE! Look at it sitting there, all shiny and pretty!

I wonder if any of you have ever had that happen. You feel your creative efforts are just going nowhere, when suddenly, something picks you up and say, 'keep going, it's worth it.'

You know why that is? It's because you and I are supposed to be doing this stuff. If you can't do anything without being creative, then be that way. Keep going and do what you love.

BUT, it's like 'me old mate' Bruce always says, 'points make prizes!' You gotta put in the time and effort to get the reward, so get serious about what you love and get on with it.

Music, dance, drama, animation, TV, film, art, writing, singing, making, textiles, fashion, graphics, photography, cooking...and all the rest I can't think of right now. Whatever your thing is, go for it.

It should be you who's winning the next prize! Watch this space...

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