Saturday, 26 March 2011

Day 292: Takeshi Kawano

Artist, Takeshi Kawano has created these set of sculptures called 'Melting Animal Sculptures'.

Not much more needs to be said. I think the sculptures do a pretty good job of portraying their message. How could you speak through your creative works?

Be inspired. Be creative.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Day 291: Advice poems

Ordinarily I don't really write poetry, but when I was at primary school yesterday, I really enjoyed turning advice into poetry. My efforts are by no means amazing, but the thing about creativity is, it can just be for fun. It doesn't always have to be serious and purposeful.

So, if you fancy it, write an advice poem with me. First off, write down a list of advice people have given you. It can be general advice or more personal. Just the first things that come into your head will be great.

Turns out nine year olds are given the best advice. One boy came up with, 'don't climb on the shed and then do a back flip off of it.' If that was the first bit of advice that came to him, it tells you an awful lot about his character!

Anyway, this is the poem I came up with. It's about the contradiction and frustration of other people's advice. I'm pretty sure you'll know where I'm coming from...

Get a dog, a companion for life.
No, don't do that. They pee on the kitchen floor.
Get insurance, to safe guard your stuff.
No, don't do that. You're just wasting your money.
Get a watch, to always be prompt.
No, don't do that. Live life on the edge.
Get the bus, to help save the earth.
No, don't do that. They're so unreliable.
Get out more, see the world's wonders.
No, don't do that. It's far too expensive.

What is yours like? Feel free to share them. Everyone needs some advice from time to time.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 290: WWF, be alert!

It would seem Pandas are craving biscuits of a Mango description. Yep, you read it right, Pandas love MANGO biscuits.

Well, if you can't have a bit of fun on a sunny Thursday afternoon when can you, eh?

Is it weird that I feel really sorry for this poor deceived panda? Why he's living in Australia is beyond me, but it's best not to questions these things.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day 289: Design the World...

Today, I decided to walk back to my house the long way round, through the park to make the most of the sunshine. You never know when you'll next see it, so it's best to catch it while you can.

Everyone obviously had the same idea as me. There were people everywhere; walking, sun bathing, playing football. The kid's park was rammed!

Naturally, on my stole, my thoughts wondered all over the place and I got to noticing all the things I could see. It started off with a lamp post. It was one of those ones which looks really old fashioned, like it should have a real flame in it at night, but you know it's really a fake, 'in keeping with the surroundings.' You know the ones. Someone designed that deliberately to have in that exact place, next to Bath's Royal Crescent.

In fact, everything I could see was designed by someone; the clothes people were wearing, the cars parked up, the posters on show, the bandstand, the dog leads, the playground equipment, even the way the flowers were arranged. Everything. It's all designed by someone and then redesigned by someone else.

Look around you now, wherever you are. I bet most things you can see were designed to be a certain way. Even the devise you're reading this on.

I don't know about you, but that blows my mind! We don't even think about it, but actually everything has a designer....

I wonder what they're like. Where do they live? Do they like their job? How did they get into it?

In fact even the objects themselves have a story. Where were they made? Who by? Where were they sold?How did they get here now...?

If everything is designed everything has a designer. Everything has a story.

Just a thought...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Day 288: Rhianna, U2 and Justin Bieber sing to help Japan

These three musical phenomenons are just some of the artists clubbing together to make a digital album to raise money for those struggling in the Japan tragedy.

Big music label, Universal Music are putting it together and hope to have it out for the world to purchase by the end of the week, so keep your eyes peeled.

What a great way to use your creativity to help others. It got me thinking; what could us creative thinkers do to help?

Obviously these artists have fame on their side. If I made an album to help Japan, I don't think it would be as successful, but the point is, we are all creative and if we did our bit, then it will definitely help, even if only a little bit. 

What are you good at? What are your friends good at? Could you club together to make a difference? Think about other people/organisations you could include. Maybe your school/college/work?

What better way to put your creativity to good use than help support those struggling across the world? Put your creative thinking caps on folks and let's see how we can help.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Day 287: David Bowie

Ever wandered how massive stars like david Bowie made it to the top?

Well, now's your chance to find out. The BBC have got a 6 part radio series on the life and works of David Bowie, starting with how it all began. To catch the first one click here.

Will Mr Bowie inspire you today?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 286: Bob Marley's sweet sunshine

The last two days have been filled with sunshine and I just love it! I dragged a chair out into my little sun-trap garden and ate my lunch watching the little birds that are nesting in our bush swoop down and eat the grains from the ground. They've fallen out of the bird feeder, which hangs on our rarely used washing line.

Whilst catching the sun rays, rare as gold dust in Bath, I was trying to think of something inspiring to share with you all on this Sunday afternoon, but all I wanted to write about was the sunshine.

My little garden is generally quiet, but as I sat there I could hear the odd lawn mower going, the shouts of kids playing in their gardens and people tooing and frowing from the park down the road. Everyone loves a bit of sunshine, especially in the UK. Generally, us Brits love complaining about the rain we get, but if you think about it, rain's actually amazing. Not only does it give us such a vibrant countryside, (and a flowing water cycle, of course) it also makes us appreciate the odd days of warm sunshine.

I feel like sunshine actually inspires a lot of creativity because it make people (in the UK, anyway) really happy. I mean, Bob Marley for one is clearly a fan. There's even a Mister Men book named after sunshine, followed by a film by the same name, but not really the same story! (Check out Day 264 for more of that one.) It's inspired me to write this entry anyway.

How does the sun inspire you to be creative? Have a think about the sun...