Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 96: Your five words...

I have just finished reading a book by Marcus Sedgwick (who is an amazing author by the way. If you like dark, mysterious fiction, check him out). This particular book of his is called Kiss of Death. It's a vampire-type novel set in Venice and there's a bit at the end that got me thinking (dangerous, I know).

Now if you REALLY want to read this book, perhaps don't read today's blog, 'cause it does give away a bit of the mystery (but only a really small bit, an sub plot of the story, if you will).

Let me fill you in before I continue. In the book there is a diary entry from Sorrell's (one of the main characters) grandfather who died long ago from lack of sleep. Sorrell's father is now suffering the same illness and they read the diary to try and find some answers. The final diary entry is just five words,

'Sunshine. Glass. Aurora. Wine. Simono.'

The book then leaves it until the last page to reveal these word's meaning:

'Those were the things [he] loved more than anything in the world, and he wrote them down to preserve them forever.'

He was a glass maker, his wife was called Aurora and his son, Simono.

What a cool idea! Could you put down in only five words the things you love most about the world? The idea that words on a page are captured forever, long after we are gone is amazing. What would you write?

As I was pondering over what I would write, I had another thought, do you recon these five words would change over your life? I'm 23 now, but I think that when I'm seventy my five words would have changed. I might have married, had kids, grand kids, seen the world, written a book, done a bungee jump...who knows!

So, my task for you today is to find your five words, write them down and put them in a special place. Put the date on it and in twenty years time let me know if they are still the same...

Friday, 10 September 2010

Day 95: Creative Allergies

In the last few days it has come to my attention that I am actually allergic to white space. In particular, I am most heavily struck by this allergy when facing a massive expanse of magnolia wall. My breathing goes all funny and I start grabbing for bits of anything to fill the space with.

Perhaps this is part of being a creative being. Do you know where I am coming from fellow creativians (I am aware I just made this word up)? Is it just me or do all creative types get this desire to fill emptiness (a blank page, music score, canvas, film,) with...something?

I think on some level I always knew I was allergic, but I have just moved into a new (magnolia) bedroom which is BIG. You know what comes with big? LOTS of white! Arrrr! So, I have spent the last few days trying to fill the white with colour (yay!).

Luckily, I have a massive Indian wall hanging which has been sitting in a Lee Cooper carrier bag for the past 5 years, probably crying. So, I got my sewing skills out and fixed tabs to the back, and hey presto, the white is now pink. The trouble is, a room has four walls!

The second wall has a window on it. That scene is always changing, so I'll let that one off. The other two are more difficult. Living in a rented house, (student) I am 'not to affix any notice, sign, poster or anything to the internal surfaces of the property.' Blue tack is NOT ALLOWED! Well, I had to get around this somehow or my allergy would become unbearable. So, between an existing picture hook (it was already there so it's allowed to stay) and a cleverly disguised pin on top of the door frame, I hung some wool. From this I pegged six strips of crape paper, all covered in postcards of pictures, patterns and colour. On the opposite wall? A mirror leaning on the mantle piece. Sorted!

How do you cope with such allergies? How does your creative mind work around rules and boringness? How would you transform a (horrible) white space and make it yours?

The best remedy to the allergies is creative thinking!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Day 94: Jazz

Just a short entry today. It's one of those, 'it does what it says on the tin' kind of entries.

If there's anyone out there who's into Jazz, then check this out, Jamie Cullum (check out more about him on the website) is doing a two part radio show on BBC Radio 2 all about Jazz. You can listen to the first part on iplayer, where he interviews Clint Eastwood about his love of Jazz.

Two really inspirational people together on the radio, what more could you want?

The second session is on Tuesday 14th Sept, 7-8pm. Put it in your diary or something.

Creative people are jazzing up the world (terrible, I know)!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 93: Unwritten books

I recon there must be millions of stories that exist only in people's heads. I don't mean stories about people's lives, I mean fictional ones they have made up but never had the chance or opportunity to write down.

Perhaps you have a story in your head. One that gets bigger and bigger over time, but it's just up there, in your head, waiting. Maybe it's just an idea.

You know, there IS such a place where unwritten stories are being told, a whole library in fact. If you think it's time your story was told, even if it's only in note form, visit the Library of Unwritten Books. Their aim is to collect unwritten stories and put them all in a well deserved book. They are being collected through random encounters in parks, city streets and public places. Once over 1000 are recorded on paper, they will be brought together to make one collection. All stories are welcome from anyone and none will be rejected.

How did I find out about this? I was in the Library and there was a whole shelf full of empty paper booklets. Yep, they were waiting for our stories...

What would you write...?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Day 92: Water droplets

Yesterday, I was traveling on a train. Big drops of water fell on the windows and raced along with the speed of the train. Rain always makes me a little bit sad. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it has some strange link to my childhood. Rain means you can't do stuff.

As I stared out of the window of the train, unable to concentrate on my book, I found myself thinking about water. Droplets of water. Wouldn't it be interesting to be a droplet of water for a while. You could start off high up in the hills and trickle down. Eventually you might end up in the sea, where you evaporate and become a cloud. Imagine all the things you'd see. Then you'd come tumbling down, but where do you land? Do you get caught on the leaf of a big tree before getting stuck to the bottom of a slug? Maybe you evaporate back up into the sky and become a cloud again. Maybe you get swallowed by an animal, go all the way through and end up...

You try; if you were a water droplet, where would you go, what would happen to you? Do you speak to other droplets? Imagination is a great thing to play with, especially when it's raining...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 91: Get stitched up

Are you a secret knitter, but think it's too uncool to 'come out'? Are you into crochet, but don't know anyone else whose into it? Have you always fancied becoming a stitcher, but never really knew how?

Well, never fear my fellow stitcher friends, I have found a MASSIVE community of stitchers for you to get involved with! They are called 'Stitch London' and they are an online collection of knitters etc, from all over the world. They regularly meet in London at different public locations and knit!

Perhaps the best thing about it is it's FREE! Anyone can join, young or old, beginners or experienced knitters. Everyone has a place in this creative group, so get involved if it's your thing. If it's not your thing, well, perhaps it could be. Free things are always worth a try!

Check out their website to find out more. If you join you get newsletters, stitching patterns, competition info, plus info about up coming events. They've even got a blog you can follow/check out from time to time.

So, with winter on the way, why not snuggle up in front of the T.V./a good film and get stitching. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to share your creativity and ideas with those who are right on your wave length...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 90: Who's the man!

Last night I went to a wedding reception. It was one of those weird occasions where you don't know anyone there except the person you go with. You nervously dance on the dance floor, sip wine and smile...

Perhaps the strangest thing about the evening was the DJ. Imagine my surprise when I walk into the 'disco room' and see a 60 year old man strutting his Micheal Jackson style moves on the dance floor. Yep, he was the DJ. Slightly bazaar to say the least!

But it got me thinking about people's dreams. If the crazy DJ wasn't so intimidating with his amazing moves, I might have gone up and ask him if being a DJ was his life ambition. But, alas, I didn't so I have nothing to do but assume.

My point is that people have dreams, ambitions, hopes for their futures, but how many people achieve them? Well, it would appear that it's never too late (or too early) to go for it. If you've got the skills (or the moves) then use them. If you haven't got the skills, then get them! Go on a course, go to an after school club, a weekend club...speak to that guy, that contact, that friend whose 'in the business'.

There's no time like the present to follow your dreams. Be inspired by the 60 year old DJ. I certainly am! Get out there and go for it!