Friday, 10 September 2010

Day 95: Creative Allergies

In the last few days it has come to my attention that I am actually allergic to white space. In particular, I am most heavily struck by this allergy when facing a massive expanse of magnolia wall. My breathing goes all funny and I start grabbing for bits of anything to fill the space with.

Perhaps this is part of being a creative being. Do you know where I am coming from fellow creativians (I am aware I just made this word up)? Is it just me or do all creative types get this desire to fill emptiness (a blank page, music score, canvas, film,) with...something?

I think on some level I always knew I was allergic, but I have just moved into a new (magnolia) bedroom which is BIG. You know what comes with big? LOTS of white! Arrrr! So, I have spent the last few days trying to fill the white with colour (yay!).

Luckily, I have a massive Indian wall hanging which has been sitting in a Lee Cooper carrier bag for the past 5 years, probably crying. So, I got my sewing skills out and fixed tabs to the back, and hey presto, the white is now pink. The trouble is, a room has four walls!

The second wall has a window on it. That scene is always changing, so I'll let that one off. The other two are more difficult. Living in a rented house, (student) I am 'not to affix any notice, sign, poster or anything to the internal surfaces of the property.' Blue tack is NOT ALLOWED! Well, I had to get around this somehow or my allergy would become unbearable. So, between an existing picture hook (it was already there so it's allowed to stay) and a cleverly disguised pin on top of the door frame, I hung some wool. From this I pegged six strips of crape paper, all covered in postcards of pictures, patterns and colour. On the opposite wall? A mirror leaning on the mantle piece. Sorted!

How do you cope with such allergies? How does your creative mind work around rules and boringness? How would you transform a (horrible) white space and make it yours?

The best remedy to the allergies is creative thinking!

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