Saturday, 21 May 2011

Day 348: Pixie Play

Isn't this just the coolest hut you've ever seen? I found it in a little connecting garden in Bath near the newly renovated Holborne Museum.

It's amazing what you can make from a few reeds and some patterned material. Who do you think made it and what for? I sat in it for a while and you can see through the material. I felt like some kind of pixie or something...

What could you make today?

Friday, 20 May 2011

Day 347: Anima Circus and company...

Tonight I have been to a charity concert at Uni and it was brilliant. It's funny, you spend three whole years studying at a place and have no idea what kind of talent is in a couple of buildings down. There were choirs, performances on french horn, saxophone and even a bassoon. They were fantastic. Then to add to the classical flavour, there was a few tracks from a jazz/scar band called Anima Cricus who were AMAZING! I mean, these people have been right under my nose with so much talent and creativity! I didn't even know.

I had a great evening, but there's a part of me that came away sad. Sad that I'm leaving that creative place in a month and sad that I didn't go to more concerts, plays and events that could have given so much inspiration. It's good to share in other people's creativity.

So what I'm saying is, don't miss out. What's going on at your school/college/town? Be inspired by what's under your nose, before it's too late...

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day 346: Creative Revelation!

This is actually last Thursdays post, but like I said the goo monster!

That's right folks, today I have had a creative revelation! It's one of those things that I knew really, but never spent time thinking about how amazing it is. I find revelations usually are like that.

Anyway, at school this morning the little Saltford primary kids and I were learning all about fossils; how they are compressed over thousands of years, but have to be in the right kind of earth to form...All very interesting, but then we made a poem based on fossils. We read through a famous old poem by Alexander Pope and picked out the images he'd used to describe a grotto filled with fossils.

That's when it dawned on me; creativity can come from anywhere and can combine anything. Today we were learning a bit of chemistry, science, history, english, but took elements of all those things and created out of them. We made a poem.

What do you love? What do you find interesting? Use it to inspire your creative side. If anything and everything can inspire creativity, then surely everyone can be creative! Amazing, huh?!

So get creative with the things that inspire you!

Day 345: Problems with the Goo Monster

Ok, so something weird has been happening on my Blogger page. For some reason, a post I'm pretty sure I put up last Thursday has suddenly come up as a mere draft! This means that technically I'm a day behind on the old daily blog challenge thingy, but as it's not really my fault (I don't think) I'm not really counting it. I will however put two posts up today to rectify the situation.

Why do things have to be so confusing!

Anyway, as a creative person I like to think that a massive goo monster has somehow wormed his way into the system and left these disgusting, messy slime trails all over my blog and that's why it's not functioning properly. There's no way to deal with it. You just have to let it go on sliming things up and pick up the pieces in it's wake.

I like to think of it with big warts that puss and fizz as it rolls along, slowly decaying the bits of computer software is creeps over. It doesn't have any legs, kind of like a big fat, green slug thing. With no regard for anyone or anything in it's way, it ruthlessly wrecks apart everything we try to achieve.

And that's what's causing all this confusion. Fact.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 344: Bournemouth's Knitting Library

Check out what's been going on in Bournemouth Library...

This isn't any ordinary rose bush, it's a knitted rosebush!

Bournemouth have turned a home of books into a garden of woollen flowers, birds, pots and vegetables. Isn't it amazing what a bit of imagination can create?

Check out this link to see more inspirational creations.

What will inspire your imagination today?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day 343: McVitie's Hobnob Medley

Now this is what I call creative advertising. It makes me want to rush out in my dressing gown, slippers and wet hair to buy some right now!

I won't.

But the principle is there.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Day 342: Tessa Wolfe-Murray: the purpose of art...

Today I thought I'd start up a bit of a debate because I'm in that kind of mood. It starts with a question;

When does art stop and necessity take over?

Take this vases for example. They have been crafted by Tessa Wolfe-Murray and are really beautiful. I love the deep blue with it's mottled tones. I like to imagine they've been found at the bottom of the ocean from a sunken ship...It's obvious that a lot of skill and time has gone into making them. But, what are they for? Should we use them as vases to put flowers in or should they just sit and be looked at?

Vases were used by the Romans to carry water or store food in like salt or grain, safe from rats. But we've got bottle and fridges for that, right? So should be just put these on the side and look at them? Is that what art is for? Can art be useful? can we use it for stuff or is it just for the pleasure of out eyes?

I wonder what you think...

'Deep Sea and Shallows' 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 341: Doctor What

This is what I'm talking about people. Using what you like as inspiration for creativity. I know I alllllways go on about Charlie, but I just think he's so cool. Check this his video below and be inspired!