Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day 345: Problems with the Goo Monster

Ok, so something weird has been happening on my Blogger page. For some reason, a post I'm pretty sure I put up last Thursday has suddenly come up as a mere draft! This means that technically I'm a day behind on the old daily blog challenge thingy, but as it's not really my fault (I don't think) I'm not really counting it. I will however put two posts up today to rectify the situation.

Why do things have to be so confusing!

Anyway, as a creative person I like to think that a massive goo monster has somehow wormed his way into the system and left these disgusting, messy slime trails all over my blog and that's why it's not functioning properly. There's no way to deal with it. You just have to let it go on sliming things up and pick up the pieces in it's wake.

I like to think of it with big warts that puss and fizz as it rolls along, slowly decaying the bits of computer software is creeps over. It doesn't have any legs, kind of like a big fat, green slug thing. With no regard for anyone or anything in it's way, it ruthlessly wrecks apart everything we try to achieve.

And that's what's causing all this confusion. Fact.

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