Thursday, 10 December 2009

I won a prize!!

Oh my word! I won a prize!!

I won a prize for The Party, so you can now check out the whole chapter I submitted on They gave me the runner's up prize of £50 and are currently pulling together a contract to publish the entire story! I'm really pleased. What a nice early Christmas resent! Not bad for my first competition!

Will keep you posted on any further development...

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

So yesturday I went to a networking event! It was my first one and it was pretty fun. There were lots of interesting small businesses there, all based in the Bath area. Unfortunately I didnt get any contacts to help my writing, but it was good practice and I gave out some of my little cards, so who knows...! other news...I submitted a story called 'the party' for a compatition. It's intereactive fiction,so YOU get to chose the stories direction. Fun huh! Pretty hard to write tho! Here's the first section for you:

It’s Friday afternoon and you and Becki are having a milkshake in Cafe Willow. The place is packed with people from school, but you and Becki are so engrossed in chatting, you barely notice the people around you.

But then Becki comes out with, ‘Don’t look now, but there is this guy sitting over there and he definitely keeps looking at you, El!’

You look at her with a frown. ‘What? Don’t be stupid Bec, he’s probably just-’

‘No seriously.’ She looks past you and smiles. ‘I recognise him. I think he’s friends with Luke’s brother.’

‘Luke’s brother’s called Ben. I’ve told you a million times,’ you say.

‘Okay, he’s Ben’s friend then. I guess I really should remember, you go on about him so much! Anyway, the point is, the guy staring at you is in Sixth Form,’ she says, still staring at him.

‘Maybe it’s you he’s looking at,’ you suggest, but Becki isn’t listening.

She moves her head slightly towards you and leans closer. ‘Well?’ she smiles at you. ‘What are you going to do?’

You look down at your milkshake for a while. You are feeling uncomfortable about it all. He’s older than you. What about Ben? So, you can either, tell Becki to drop it (go to section 2) or pluck up the courage and look round (Go to section 3).

Which would you chose I wonder?

Thats all for now folks

Ems x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hi everyone (or should I say anyone?),

This is the first time I've ever writen a blog or anything remotely similar, so be patient with me! I have a lot to learn!

I've kind of set up this page to keep in touch with the world, but also to keep you in touch with 'my world'! I need your help. If I want my writing to reach people, I need you to tell me what you think!

The plan in my head at the moment is to post what I'm working on and you can have your say. do you like it? What DON'T you like-that's really important too!

So come along for the ride and we can learn together!

Love Ems x