Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 5:Inspirational nature

Okay, I couldn't tell you guys yesterday because the event was still too close, but now I feel ready to share my traumatic experience with you all. Here goes...
For the past few months I have been enjoying the company of two blue tits in my garden. They are called Tit and Tat. They live in my next door neighbour's garden and it has become apparent that they have baby blue tits (cute!).
On Wednesday, I went out into the garden and down by the side of the back door was the cutest little ball-of-fluff chick I have ever seen. My theory is that it attempted to fly out of the nest with little success, and became stuck on the floor. So I hid behind my kitchen bin and watched it cheeping away. Ever faithful Tit and Tat came with food for newly named Tot. He was so cute! Every so often he would try to fly, but after getting a few inches off the ground, he'd be exhausted again and just go back to sitting and cheeping.
Yesterday morning I went out into the garden to find Tot sitting on a bush in my garden. I thought: 'Good work Tot, you're learning to fly flap by flap!'
Then, upstairs in my house in the afternoon, I looked out the window to see Fernando (a regular cat visitor to my garden) licking his lips suspiciously! I rushed down the stairs, into the garden and there was no more cheeping. Fernando had killed Tot!
As you can imagine, I was crushed. How could Fernando do such a thing to defenceless little Tot?

As much as it pains me to tell you this tale, I cannot help but feel inspired by nature and how it holds itself together. Look in the garden/park/field near your home. What can you see, hear, smell and touch? Even something as apparently boring as a snail is actually amazing, with its little feelers and trail of slime! Have you ever watched a spider making a web, ants marching back and forth, squirrels jumping from tree to tree? Get out and see what you can see. How will nature inspire you?

You will be happy to know that my housemate took a picture of Tot, so that he will live on in our memories. Yay!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 4: Power to the poor!

We're living in a recession, right? So we need to save our pennies where we can, right? Well then, we need to pick up a bargain here and there. Where better place to pick up a bargain than at a charity shop?

I know what you're thinking, charity shops are lame. Well, think again my friend! The other day I picked up a pair of (really nice) 'Bench' jeans for £10!! Amazing! Charity shops really are a great place to find great bargains, so check it out!

What's all this got to do with creativity I hear you ask? As well as picking up some fine clothing, charity shops are full of weird and wonderful bits and bobs which are just screaming out creativity...

Sculptors, get down there and see what incredible things you can find to inspire your making (for such an affordable price!) fashion divas, well, you're probably already on it! And for all you drama folk, just check out the costume possibilities. Book lovers, you'll be in heaven...

So if you want to get creative on a budget, charity shops are the way forward, plus all proceeds go to a great cause, so it really is win, win all round! The more you go the more you find...

What will you create?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Day 3: Basil

If you're from London way, you've got the pronunciation right in my mind! It's 'Bazaw' (with a 'w' rather than an 'l'. It's just how we talk!)

Anyway...what is Basil? Is it a herb, a hotel owner, a plant, a crazy fox named Brush...or is it Brazil spelt really badly?? Is it a cat (I know a well loved cat named Basil)? My point is...YOU decide!

Is it a piece of weaponry used by the Grafinite Fighters from the west or an ancient Chinese tribe awaiting discovery? Is it a code name of a spy kid or a fairy name given as the highest honour...?

If the pronunciation can change from place to place, think how many creative meanings there could be! Get your creative juices flowing with this one...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Day 2: Imagine this...

I want you to imagine you have a friend over to stay. They're sleeping on the floor next to your bed and in the middle of the night you accidentally drop a sock onto them. So what do they do? They freak out! They don't know if it's a spider, a mouse or whatever else their minds turn it into... The question is, how do YOU react? Is it funny, mean, ridiculous??

Now think about a character in your play/story/animation/dance piece...How would THEY react?

Asking strange questions of your creations is a great way to get round, realistic and believable characters. That's what people relate to. So make them real, make them your own...

(Ps, I'd find it hilarious!)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day 1:Inspiration!

Ok, today is the start of the challenge. I am going to blog for 365 days. Yes, a whole year! I want to inspire young poeple to be creative in whatever way they want.

From fashion to fiction, you name it, you can do it. So get out there! I'm going to focus on writing and art 'cause that's what I do, but use my tips for whatever it is that you do to be creative.

So, here goes...

Day 1: What inspires you to be creative? I'm a writer and a visual artist (ie, painter) so pictures and images give me ideas and gets my brain moving! If you're like me, check out the Tate Modern or, if it's old-school art you're into, check out Tate Britain, What could you do with it...?

Monday, 7 June 2010

Im going to a networking event tonight at Komedia. It should be a good one because lots of creative industries will be there, so Im going to plug my ideas about inspiring creativity in young people. Will let you know how it all goes!

Also, I entered another writing competition as part of the Frome Festival. My story is about a girl called Chloe who, after befriending her nieghbour, find out the importance of community on a snowy day. Prehaps not the best subject matter what with all the sunshine we've been having, but we'll see!