Thursday, 10 June 2010

Day 3: Basil

If you're from London way, you've got the pronunciation right in my mind! It's 'Bazaw' (with a 'w' rather than an 'l'. It's just how we talk!)

Anyway...what is Basil? Is it a herb, a hotel owner, a plant, a crazy fox named Brush...or is it Brazil spelt really badly?? Is it a cat (I know a well loved cat named Basil)? My point is...YOU decide!

Is it a piece of weaponry used by the Grafinite Fighters from the west or an ancient Chinese tribe awaiting discovery? Is it a code name of a spy kid or a fairy name given as the highest honour...?

If the pronunciation can change from place to place, think how many creative meanings there could be! Get your creative juices flowing with this one...

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