Monday, 16 May 2011

Day 342: Tessa Wolfe-Murray: the purpose of art...

Today I thought I'd start up a bit of a debate because I'm in that kind of mood. It starts with a question;

When does art stop and necessity take over?

Take this vases for example. They have been crafted by Tessa Wolfe-Murray and are really beautiful. I love the deep blue with it's mottled tones. I like to imagine they've been found at the bottom of the ocean from a sunken ship...It's obvious that a lot of skill and time has gone into making them. But, what are they for? Should we use them as vases to put flowers in or should they just sit and be looked at?

Vases were used by the Romans to carry water or store food in like salt or grain, safe from rats. But we've got bottle and fridges for that, right? So should be just put these on the side and look at them? Is that what art is for? Can art be useful? can we use it for stuff or is it just for the pleasure of out eyes?

I wonder what you think...

'Deep Sea and Shallows' 

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