Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 96: Your five words...

I have just finished reading a book by Marcus Sedgwick (who is an amazing author by the way. If you like dark, mysterious fiction, check him out). This particular book of his is called Kiss of Death. It's a vampire-type novel set in Venice and there's a bit at the end that got me thinking (dangerous, I know).

Now if you REALLY want to read this book, perhaps don't read today's blog, 'cause it does give away a bit of the mystery (but only a really small bit, an sub plot of the story, if you will).

Let me fill you in before I continue. In the book there is a diary entry from Sorrell's (one of the main characters) grandfather who died long ago from lack of sleep. Sorrell's father is now suffering the same illness and they read the diary to try and find some answers. The final diary entry is just five words,

'Sunshine. Glass. Aurora. Wine. Simono.'

The book then leaves it until the last page to reveal these word's meaning:

'Those were the things [he] loved more than anything in the world, and he wrote them down to preserve them forever.'

He was a glass maker, his wife was called Aurora and his son, Simono.

What a cool idea! Could you put down in only five words the things you love most about the world? The idea that words on a page are captured forever, long after we are gone is amazing. What would you write?

As I was pondering over what I would write, I had another thought, do you recon these five words would change over your life? I'm 23 now, but I think that when I'm seventy my five words would have changed. I might have married, had kids, grand kids, seen the world, written a book, done a bungee jump...who knows!

So, my task for you today is to find your five words, write them down and put them in a special place. Put the date on it and in twenty years time let me know if they are still the same...

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