Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 91: Get stitched up

Are you a secret knitter, but think it's too uncool to 'come out'? Are you into crochet, but don't know anyone else whose into it? Have you always fancied becoming a stitcher, but never really knew how?

Well, never fear my fellow stitcher friends, I have found a MASSIVE community of stitchers for you to get involved with! They are called 'Stitch London' and they are an online collection of knitters etc, from all over the world. They regularly meet in London at different public locations and knit!

Perhaps the best thing about it is it's FREE! Anyone can join, young or old, beginners or experienced knitters. Everyone has a place in this creative group, so get involved if it's your thing. If it's not your thing, well, perhaps it could be. Free things are always worth a try!

Check out their website to find out more. If you join you get newsletters, stitching patterns, competition info, plus info about up coming events. They've even got a blog you can follow/check out from time to time.

So, with winter on the way, why not snuggle up in front of the T.V./a good film and get stitching. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to share your creativity and ideas with those who are right on your wave length...

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