Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 93: Unwritten books

I recon there must be millions of stories that exist only in people's heads. I don't mean stories about people's lives, I mean fictional ones they have made up but never had the chance or opportunity to write down.

Perhaps you have a story in your head. One that gets bigger and bigger over time, but it's just up there, in your head, waiting. Maybe it's just an idea.

You know, there IS such a place where unwritten stories are being told, a whole library in fact. If you think it's time your story was told, even if it's only in note form, visit the Library of Unwritten Books. Their aim is to collect unwritten stories and put them all in a well deserved book. They are being collected through random encounters in parks, city streets and public places. Once over 1000 are recorded on paper, they will be brought together to make one collection. All stories are welcome from anyone and none will be rejected.

How did I find out about this? I was in the Library and there was a whole shelf full of empty paper booklets. Yep, they were waiting for our stories...

What would you write...?

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