Friday, 25 March 2011

Day 291: Advice poems

Ordinarily I don't really write poetry, but when I was at primary school yesterday, I really enjoyed turning advice into poetry. My efforts are by no means amazing, but the thing about creativity is, it can just be for fun. It doesn't always have to be serious and purposeful.

So, if you fancy it, write an advice poem with me. First off, write down a list of advice people have given you. It can be general advice or more personal. Just the first things that come into your head will be great.

Turns out nine year olds are given the best advice. One boy came up with, 'don't climb on the shed and then do a back flip off of it.' If that was the first bit of advice that came to him, it tells you an awful lot about his character!

Anyway, this is the poem I came up with. It's about the contradiction and frustration of other people's advice. I'm pretty sure you'll know where I'm coming from...

Get a dog, a companion for life.
No, don't do that. They pee on the kitchen floor.
Get insurance, to safe guard your stuff.
No, don't do that. You're just wasting your money.
Get a watch, to always be prompt.
No, don't do that. Live life on the edge.
Get the bus, to help save the earth.
No, don't do that. They're so unreliable.
Get out more, see the world's wonders.
No, don't do that. It's far too expensive.

What is yours like? Feel free to share them. Everyone needs some advice from time to time.

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