Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 286: Bob Marley's sweet sunshine

The last two days have been filled with sunshine and I just love it! I dragged a chair out into my little sun-trap garden and ate my lunch watching the little birds that are nesting in our bush swoop down and eat the grains from the ground. They've fallen out of the bird feeder, which hangs on our rarely used washing line.

Whilst catching the sun rays, rare as gold dust in Bath, I was trying to think of something inspiring to share with you all on this Sunday afternoon, but all I wanted to write about was the sunshine.

My little garden is generally quiet, but as I sat there I could hear the odd lawn mower going, the shouts of kids playing in their gardens and people tooing and frowing from the park down the road. Everyone loves a bit of sunshine, especially in the UK. Generally, us Brits love complaining about the rain we get, but if you think about it, rain's actually amazing. Not only does it give us such a vibrant countryside, (and a flowing water cycle, of course) it also makes us appreciate the odd days of warm sunshine.

I feel like sunshine actually inspires a lot of creativity because it make people (in the UK, anyway) really happy. I mean, Bob Marley for one is clearly a fan. There's even a Mister Men book named after sunshine, followed by a film by the same name, but not really the same story! (Check out Day 264 for more of that one.) It's inspired me to write this entry anyway.

How does the sun inspire you to be creative? Have a think about the sun...

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