Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 120: Dream Jobs

Today, in lesson, we were allowed to talk about our dream job. I find it's one of those things people are a bit embarrassed to talk about, like if they say it out load it will get lost in space or jinxed or some other such nonsense. But, when they do talk about it, they won't such up and their enthusiasm actually makes your own brain hurt.

You know the feeling?

Well, this happened to me today. I was all shy about it and then it was like I exploded and actually almost forgot I was in a classroom with loads of other people who wanted to share their dreams! A little embarrassing, but you can't say I lack passion!

So what is your dream job, I hear you ask? Well, in a nutshell, I want to do exactly what it is I'm doing now in this blog. I want to inspire young people to be creative in whatever way I can. I want to be that inspirational visitor you get each year at school, where everyone says, 'wow, I want to do creativity too!'

Anyway, enough about me! I want to talk about you guys. What do YOU want to be? What's your dream job?

Could you do me all a favour? Can you write it down and put it in a box and look after it, because I am conducting an experiment (in my head). I want to know if dream jobs change. I'm pretty sure they do. Check this out, 10 years ago I did not want to inspire creativity, I wanted to be a paleontologist, then a artist, then a historian, then a nurse, then a youth worker, then a writer (I still want that!) and now an...well, I guess you could call it an inspirer!

When I look at my list, I just get excited about how many things I could be if I put my mind to it. And the same can be said for you. I bet if you made a list of 'past dream jobs' they would be just as adventurous as mine.

We can be anything we want, so go for it! Write down that dream job and do whatever it is you need to get there. With creativity on your side, you can do anything!

Dream big. Think bigger!

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