Saturday, 4 September 2010

Day 89: Day and Night

Last night I woke up and just could not get back to sleep. You know when you've had just enough sleep for your brain to start working again, but it's definitely NOT time to get up? Well, that is exactly what happened!

So, naturally I started thinking about my blog and this came to me; why haven't I spoken about Pixar's new short, Day and Night yet? It was shown with Toy Story 3 and in my opinion, it's the best one so far.

In case you haven't seen it, here's a quick overview, the whole screen is black, except for a little character. His body is made up of a sunny landscape. As he walks along, he comes across another character whose body is made up of a nighttime scene. Throughout the short, the two characters compete to see which is better, day or night. It's clever, funny and really imaginative. Here's a clip for you to enjoy:

It's so inventive and uses lots of elements of day and night, like fireworks verses rainbows. I think the way it's gone with an idea and turned it into an animation takes Pixar's short further than they've ever gone before. It truly is inspirational! If you want to see it in full, you can download it from itunes.

Check out the Pixar website too. It's got loads of info on all their shorts. If you're into animation, story telling, films...shorts are a great way to get into the industry.

So, see what's going on, put your own twist on it and get it out there. That's the great thing about the Internet! All of the greats started somewhere. What are you waiting for?

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