Thursday, 2 September 2010

Day 87: It starts with a girl...

Here is a picture. I found it on the Internet and I know nothing about this girl. She is like an empty canvas for you to work on.

Today I am simply asking you to create her. What's her name, how old is she, etc? But more than that, I want you to give her a future. Where is she from? What is she like? Who does she live with? Does she like her life? What does she want to be?

All of these questions are fun to play with. What I want you not to do is give her a future. Don't write her a new story, just give her a character. It's a lot easier to think about what's going to happen to her (ie, a plot line for a story), but if you stop and give someone a character first, that's when she'll begin to write her own story, which is a lot more exciting!

Characters can appear in all art forms, not just writing. What about drama, music, dance, animations, film...I challenge you all to do this exercise and see where it takes your creativity.

What will this girl become? Well, see what she's like first and then you'll find out...

Try it for yourself. Who knows what she will inspire!

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