Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 86: Where is right for our creativity?

Wood has long been a material people have used to be creative. Nowadays, you see sculptures in public spaces like parks and forests. You know, the kind of places where you would naturally find wood anyway, even if the sculptor wasn't there.

But the other day, I found myself surprised to see a wooden sculpted plaque by the sea. It was overlooking the sea, next to a road. Carved on it was fish and other creatures of the sea. When I looked at it I thought how beautiful it was and you know why? It wasn't because it was more beautiful than any other carving I'd seen, but simply because there was no other wood around. It wasn't where you would naturally find wood.

All of this got me thinking about creativity and where we expect to see it. Sometimes, I go to an art gallery and think, well, there's nothing here to shout about. Is that because I'm in a gallery? Do I expect to much? I wander if I had stumbled upon one of those painting in a office waiting room, would my reaction be different?

One of the first times I went to Bath I saw a poem which had been carved into the pavement on the high street. It was beautiful and brilliantly creative. Who would have thought the paving slab outside 'Gap' would be the perfect place for poetry!

I encourage you to think about your art, music, dance, animation...where would you, could you, shouldn't you, put it? Is that where it would be the most beautiful, where it would appear the most creative? How could YOU get it out there, get it noticed?

Something to think about...

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