Monday, 30 August 2010

Day 84: What's the difference?

This weekend, I found myself being entertained by musicians, performing poets and comedians at a small festival called Aeon in the middle of Devon. Although I was really excited about all the creative potential this festival had to offer, I must admit, nerves definitely filled my tummy as I rolled up on my bike. The were loads of people with wicked looking dreadlocks, hippy cloths and face paint. I felt really out of place in my ordinary jeans and blue t-shirt. I thought putting pig-tails in my hair was making a considerable amount of effort but apparently not! I didn't fit in here. This wasn't my creative 'area'.

But, you know what? I had the best time. All of the poets I heard were fantastic. There were tones of bands, a mixture of ska, jazz, gypsy, reggae, hip name it, it was there. I was dancing, singing, skipping and quite frankly, jumping around like I just don't care!

I think the thing I was most worried about was the thing that made it so amazing. It was different to what I'm 'used' to. As I listened to those bands, musicians and poets, I found myself being memorised by all this creativity I knew very little about. It caught me, got my hips moving and I was away...

What do you listen to? Perhaps, more importantly, what don't you listen to? Today I encourage you to listen to something you wouldn't normally. Go to a local gig you wouldn't normally go to. Check out that last summer festival...

The best inspiration often comes from those things you're not used to. So push yourself, push your creativity...I dare you!

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