Friday, 3 September 2010

Day 88: The Arts Council

Today I thought it right to bring your attention to The Arts Council. Basically, every tax payer in the country pays 17p a day to The Arts Council and they give the money to companies and charities all over the country who give the money back to society through the arts. Things like the Tate Galleries get money through The Arts Council, but small local things do too.

It could be anything creative; art, drama, dance, music...Take a look at their website to see what inspiring things they are involved with at the moment. A lot of what they support is up and coming stuff. It may look small at he moment, but it is doing big things for the community. Pretty exciting!

Be inspired by what your money is doing for the country! What a great way to spend tax, eh!

What could you ask for sponsorship for from The Arts Council...?

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