Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 227: Black Swan

This Friday sees the release of the highly anticipated Black Swan staring Natalie Portman. It's a psychological thriller about ballet and the conflicts between its perception of elegance and the realities behind the curtain.

The thing that stuck me about this film is how it has been born from creativity itself. This poster is the first one I ever saw for this film back in November last year. I was captured by how different it was from all the other film poster I see. No photographs, no fuss over star actors, just visuals. It's colours are minimal and full of impact.

The film is about ballet, which is creative, right? It's a film about the arts. Without the ballet, Swan Lake, this film couldn't exist and without Black Swan, the beautiful posters that advertise it couldn't exist. In fact, without swans, could any of it exist? (a topic for another day I think!)

Creativity, it seems, breeds creativity.

Just think about the things that you love creatively. Someone created that because they were inspired by something creative before that. Who knows, perhaps one day we will be the ones doing the inspiring. Our creative work will be part of the chain too...

What new creation would you like to inspire?

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