Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 225: Should you put kisses in text?

So, I know this isn't directly related, but bare with me...

Me and my housemates were just having a chat about whether you should send 'x's (kisses) in texts. One of them said, 'well, if I text a boy I don't send kisses.' But I totally do. Am I giving them the wrong impression...?

For me it's kind of a signing off. I don't want to waste characters on writing, 'love/from Emma.' That's 8 characters, when I can just use one, 'x'. Everyone gets one kiss from my boyfriend to a work colleague.

The other day I had a convo with my sister who said, 'I only send you one kiss 'cause you only send me one. I send Grania (her best friend) three.' Cheek! Does that mean she 'loves' Grania more than me...?

I'm pretty sure this kind of confusion about texting politics is not new to you either. Don't you think it'd be better if everyone did the same thing? What we need is a code.

So, this is my creative proposal for today. I need someone to write a book about 'text eticate' and publish it everywhere. Only then will we find rest with this heated topic!

Whose with me? Whose up for the challenge? The world needs your creative input...

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