Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 226: Colaborative Creativity

Us creative types need to stick together, especially in times like these where the government seem to be squashing all the we love out of their national budgets. Perhaps with a bit of team work, we can make what we do stronger and get our talents noticed...

This year is my last year at uni, which means I get to do loads of cool creative stuff exactly the way I want to (woop)! As you might already know, I'm running a writing competition in a local school, making an anthology out of the entries and selling it for charity. I'm pretty excited about it, but, to be honest, I know very little about actually making an anthology. I can't do design and I don't know a thing about layout. That's where collaboration comes in. My friend Fleur is a graphic design student in her final year, so she gets to pick cool creative stuff too. To cut a long story short she's designing the layout for my anthology. She gets experience in her creative field and I get an amazing anthology. Both of us win!

Plus, another girl I met called Laura is dramatising a scene from my novel for her final year Film and Media project. She gets a project, I get a video to promote my story. All are winners! (Watch this space for video excitement!)

So there you go, proof that creative collaboration works and is really exciting.

Who do you know that's creative? Could you work together to help each other out and make both your work more exciting? ALL creativity works well together. You just need a little creative thinking to get it going...

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