Thursday, 9 December 2010

Day 185: And it was all Yellow...

...Or was it?

Sometimes ideas can come out of the strangest places. Yesterday at work I misunderstood a girl called Laura who said, 'someone's stolen the yellow.' (What she actually meant was someone had taken the cleaning product we simply call, yellow spray!)

Can you imagine if someone stole the colour yellow?

What an amazing idea for a story! (As you can imagine, I had a field day with this one. Laura was properly bored by the idea by the time I'd finished with it!) What would happen to all the things that are yellow, like flowers, kid's playground, road markings, my t-shirt?

What about the sun? Would it go white...would it go black? Darkness rules the land!

Well, the truth is, anything could happen and as the writer/creator of that story, YOU choose!

Oh, the power...

What would you do with this idea? It could be used in loads of different areas of creativity. That's the great thing about it!

So, have a little think about yellow today (or the lack of it) and see what crazy ideas you come up with...

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