Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day 181: Kevin Brooks

At the moment, I am reading Martyn Pig by Kevin Brooks. It's about a teenage boy who accidentally kills his dad. Dark stuff. But I'm really enjoying it and you know why? Because Martyn's a really convincing character. It's written in 1st person and he 'speaks' like a real teenage boy would:

'It wasn't that I was jealous. Well, I suppose I was a bit jealous. But not in a namby kind of way, you know, not in a snooty, pouty kind of way. No, that wasn't it. Not really. That wasn't the reason I was glum. All right, it was partly the reason...'    p22

I love the way Martyn is arguing with himself here, justifying the fact he's jealous of Alex's boyfriend. It's honest and I love that about his character.

Look at how Kevin Brooks uses short sentences. That's how we think, isn't it, and that's why it's so realistic. And it's funny too. All in all, it makes for a good read. You should check it out if you like good books. In fact, check out Kevin Brooks in general. He's written loads. This is his first ever book.

Good writing makes me want to write. To create.

What makes you want to create? Whatever it is, get into it. Inspire yourself through what other people have done...and then get involved! I figure it's like a house. One person creates and inspire another, then they inspire someone else and so on. Together we make up the bricks, built up and up. A wonderfully creative house!

So go, start creating your brick, ready to inspire the next generation...

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