Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day 184 : Always Coca-Cola...

I always know it's nearly Christmas when I see this advert on T.V! You know what I mean...

But, what I want to know is, does it really make people buy coke at Christmas? It certainly makes me want to be at home with my family getting Santa's mince pie ready and putting out my stocking (oh, whatever, you totally still have one too!)

Did Coca-Cola really make Santa red? Rumour has it, they gave Santa his red 'image.' Does that make us want to drink Coca-cola at Christmas?

I have to say, the other day I really fancied a coke when I saw an advert for it at the train station. In fact, all this makes me want one right now!

It's worth a few thoughts though, right? How much power does advertising have over what we do, say, think even? Do you think advertising is creative or just bashed out?

Take some time (perhaps over a mince pie) to think about never know what might come up!

1 comment:

nicolawhybrow said...

Apparently Santa wore green until Coca Cola jazzed him up in red!