Saturday, 2 October 2010

Day 117: Fancy dress parties

This weekend seems to be the weekend for parties. Not just any parties, fancy dress parties. It seems for students, coming back from a long summer is another excuse to have a party. You know, saying hello to everyone, dressing up as a spaceman. Makes sense. 

Last night I found myself at a Rocky Horror Party where people who extremely high stilettos, black suspenders and corsets. There was a lot of red lipstick on both guys and gals. But tonight I am going to an animal themed party. I am imagining a lot of rabbits and kittens, but we'll see.

All of this play acting got me thinking about what I would choose for a fancy dress party...I've always fancied a Rubik cube party, where everyone comes dressed in one colour and leaves with all the colours (or is it the other way round?) At Christmas last year we have a silver themed party where we pretty much covered ourselves in tinsel and tin foil. Fun times. I think the most crazy one was when I, along with 7 others dressed up as the Loch Ness monster! I was the tail, hence the 'hat'!

The possibilities really are endless, so, have a think, spend a bit of time, what would YOU do for a fancy dress party? Be as creative as you like on this one!

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