Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day 113: Busyness: how to be sneaky with time!

Ok, I have a question for you all, how do you fit creativity into your busy lives? How do you find time to make...think...be...creative when you have a thousand-and-one other 'more important' things to get done?

As you have probably guess, I am a little busy this week and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse! I don't know about you, but when I'm busy with stuff, all I want to do is something creative to calm me down, relax my soul (or something like that!). But THERE'S NO TIME! ARRR!

Well, my friends, don't stress if you are feeling like me right now. What we need is...a plan. I warn you it's sneaky, which makes it feel better, I think. The plan is to steal time! It's not as hard as it seems, honest. Basically, there are moments in everyone's day which I like to call 'dead time.' For example, when you're traveling. If you're on a bus/driving/walking your brain is free to think, listen and, most importantly, be creative! So use that time to think, listen to music, an audiobook or download something from iplayer to listen to. You can even read, but not if you're driving please! Sneaky, huh!

Or, if you've put dinner in the oven for 20 mins or your mum/dad shouts up the stairs and says it'll be 15 mins, stop what you're doing and use it to be creative.

Or, get up as soon as your alarm goes off and use the time you would normally spend in bed to do something, that's what I've done this morning and, I have to say, I'm feeling good about the day already!

I have started knitting this week. It's great 'cause you can pick it up, do a bit and then come back to it. I'm not really that great at knitting, but it gives me a little bit of creativity in my busy day. Yay for knitting!

So, be sneaky with time and see where you can fit in creativity for the good of your soul!