Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 111: The boy who bit Picasso

No, you didn't read it wrong, today I am talking about the boy who bit Picasso aka, Anthony Penrose. I was lucky enough to sit in on this man's talk today, which was part of the Bath Kids Lit Fest.

He's written a book that is all about how he knows the legendary artist, Picasso. It turns out Picasso came to stay at his house a lot when he was a little boy. Anthony Penrose's dad was also an artist and his mum was a photographer, Lee Miller. Look at any photo of Picasso and the chances are, she took it. Plus he painted her too:

The talk was truly inspirational. It was so interesting to hear about Picasso as a real man who played games, laughed a lot and even got bitten by a little boy. Anthony Penrose was amazing too. He was so enthusiastic about it all that it made the audience feel exactly the same and want to know more. I could have listened to his stories all day! I wonder if there are any stories from your childhood that would make a good story...?

Event like these are great to go to 'casue you can learn so much. But if not, then check out sights like Tateshots or just google your favourite artists/writers/choreographers and see what interviews/videos you can find.

Learn from the people you love and be inspired to do your own thing.

Lee Millar by Picasso, 1937

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