Friday, 1 October 2010

Day 116: David Almond, part 2

Technically, this is part three, or maybe even four. I know you probably think I'm obsessed, but to be fair, I did go to a talk by him the other day and it was great! I HAVE to say something about it or it just wouldn't be propa!

He had some pretty amazing things to say, but this one nugget blew me away, so I wanted to share it with you. (Warning: I may run away with the idea a bit!)

If I say the word, tent, what is the first thing that happens? You get a picture of a tent in your mind, right? If you think about it, words automatically become pictures, visions in our mind!

In my head I saw a bright red triangular tent with one door open and flapping in the wind. What did you see? I bet it was different to mine.

Do you see that stories are everywhere. Just by saying that one word, tent, a story has already began in my my mind. Why is the door open? It must be breezy. Who does it belong to? It's in a forest, I can see that...

If just one word can make all of that, what happens if I add, camel.

Wow, now it's completely changed. My tent is in a desert with a camel tied up and chomping next to it. The door is still flapping and all I can think of is how much sand is going got stick in that tent!

Amazing, huh! Stories are just waiting for us, ready to be made up and changed and used and enjoyed....

...I wonder what yours will be today...

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