Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 25: Creativity changing the world

It would seem that all over this country people are using their creative talents to make big changes to our world. Animals of all shapes and sizes have ruled our streets in the last few years and its all in aid of charities.

'What is she on about,' I hear you say? Well, check out the creative projects below. All of them have painted and decorated some kind of animal to raise money for charities.

See The Elephant Parade in London which is raising money for the endangered Indian Elephant. I didn't even know they were endangered and it would seem not many people did! What better way to let people know and respond than to paint massive elephants and stick them all around the capital! Brilliant, I say!

In 2002 it turns out they did a similar thing with cows around London. You've guessed it, The Cow Parade. Check it out. (I don't think it was to raise money for endangered cows though!)

Visit Bath too! At the moments the streets are filled with beautifully painted lions. Two years ago, it was pigs that covered Bath to celebrate its heritage (and the legend King Bladad). Both of these public art projects provided artistic employment and raised money for local charities. Events like this rally up the community, getting everyone involved, including local schools. Even the central library has a pig (and a lion)!

Its amazing what people can do with their creative talents when motivated. I hope you are inspired to use your creativity to make a difference.

The world needs creativity. If I didn't believe that then I wouldn't be writing this blog! Creativity changes stuff...

How will you change the world with what you got...?

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