Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 20: Light

Recently I have been thinking about light as creative matter. Is light creative? Perhaps it's just a scientific element of our planet and so cannot be creative.

But can we use light in creative ways? Well, that's a different question all together...

Take stain-glass windows for example. They are coloured glass which would be nothing if it wasn't for the light streaming through to make it look incredible. I love stain glass windows! Type in 'stained glass windows' into Google and see if you are inspired by their beauty. It amazes me how light changes the appearance of things.

A great artist to look at is Matisse. He designed and made a chapel just before he died. In it are the most beautiful stained glass windows. He loved to experiment with colour, so if you love playing around with colour, then definitely check him out.

What about artificial light? Light bulbs, strobe lighting, neon. Lots of visual artists have experimented with these. Neon is commonly used in text based art (check this out on Google too). Perhaps there is something here that interests you.

Creative thinking is so wide...I think light can definitely creep into it somehow...what do you think?

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