Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 21: Eco fashion

All you who are into fashion and textiles listen up. I wanted to find something inspiring for you guys and gals to get your fingers busy with. Lucky for you I did!

Check out Julia Barbee. She has her own eco fashion label called 'Frocky Jack Morgan.' She takes old clothes and makes them into new fashions. She's got her own website and there are loads of videos on You Tube where she shows YOU how to create fashionable new clothes out of old stuff. There's one video where she talks all about wedding dresses for all of you who are interested! (There's also a blog featuring her wedding clothing line too!) So much information...!

So, if you're into fashion and want to create, use what you've got and help the planet out as you go! Brilliant.

See what you can do...

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