Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Day 23: Creativity is EVERYWHERE!

So much creative input, I don't know where to begin...

...well, today I've been to London (as I said yesterday) and I DID go to somewhere new. It really is true, if you're on the lookout for creativity it will come and practically hit you in the face. Get ready for a creative burst...

The reason I was in London was to go to a creative fair thingy for students/graduates. It was held in an abandoned building, which was originally a big factory/warehouse (probably). It's amazing what you can do with an abandoned building. What would you do...?

I went on the underground to get there, of course. You know the little maps you can pick up? They've always got different pictures on. Check them out at:

It turns out there are sculptures all over London. It's one of those things I knew but never really realised if you know what I mean!

The diversity of people was inspiring too. I saw a punk, and a lady with dreadlocks down to her bum. Oh, and all the arty types too (like this girl who was wearing bright red tights and high heels to match, cropped blonde hair wrapped in a scarf, accompanied with big red stud earrings). Inspiring characters...?

Watch this space, there's loads more to come...! Woop woop!

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