Friday, 31 December 2010

207: Creative New Year's Resolutions

The question comes up every year; what is your New Year's resolution? To be honest, I hate this question. I can never think of anything I could keep up. I should really say things like, 'well, I'll write every day' or, 'I'll call my family more often.' But from past experience I know these just won't be kept up (rubbish I know). I really need another one on top of these ones.

So this year, I am going to set myself a creative New Year's resolution. Maybe I'll set myself a knitting challenge, like knit something for each member of my family by next Christmas. Or I could make a photo album of my year with my new camera! Or volunteer with a creative charity. Finishing my novel would be a really good one...

Let's do it together! I'll have a creative New Year's resolution if you have one too. Get your thinking caps on people. What creative skill do you have? How could you use it this year?

Write it down, stick it on your wall and get it in motion!

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