Thursday, 30 December 2010

206: Sing Star vs. Just Dance

Around Christmas time everyone tends to do the rounds, visiting family, opening presents together, eating food together and, at least with my family, there's a game or two shared together.

My family is pretty big, which means lots of games (like Epic Mickey, as I explained yesterday). The whole family gets involved with some games, whereas others, only the kids play. Take Just Dance, for example. First the kids have a go, then the teens and then a willing parent/auntie/uncle have a go. (You know they secretly wanted a go the whole time!) Just Dance seems to be one of those games where most of the family eventually join in, even though it's potentially embarrassing.

But what about Sing Star? You know the one. You pick a song and sing along, trying to reach the right notes for the right amount of beats (basically kareoki). My experience with this game is, only kids are willing. None of the adults in the room will budge. Maybe it's different with your family, but that's certainly what I found this Christmas.

So, what does this say about singing and dancing? Do people find singing more embarrassing in public? What about in the shower? Is dancing around like a prat really less embarrassing?

I think yes, dancing is less embarrassing than singing in front of people, but why is that?

It would seem that some creative things are more 'acceptable' in public than others. Is this something we should change? Is it something we want to change...?

Feel free to ponder these creative thoughts for a while. Oh, and let me know your thoughts...

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