Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 125: Arts funding cuts

I read a newspaper today. Shocking I know! You know what it said? They (being the current government) want to cut funding for arts subjects at Unis across the country. Well where does that leave us and the millions of other creative people across the country who want to study creative subjects?

Why do people NOT understand that the arts are important? It's like these people don't like being happy or something. Do they not go to the cinema/theatre/galleries/concerts...? Where do they think it all comes!

Sorry about the rant. I just love being a creative person and I'm not going to stop, even if they take all the money out of everything in the 'arts'. Are you with me?

Guys, I want you to know that it is great to be creative. I'm with you and if you love it, then do it. You have my word; even if creativity is cancelled, I will still write this blog for you. I will still provide creative inspiration to spark the creative appetites of ALL those who need and deserve it. I ain't going anywhere!

So be inspired to stay creative, keep on it and show them all the value in the arts!

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