Friday, 15 October 2010

Day 130: Shaun the Sheep

Today I'm going to encourage you to do a bit of role playing just to spice up your Friday.

Imagine you are a sheep. (Feel free to do as much 'baaa'-ing as you feel appropriate.) You are out on the field pretty much all day and all you do is eat grass. The occasional leaf gives another dimension to your meal...yum.

Come on, don't you think you'd get bored?

Every day I travel up to Uni and I pass a bunch of sheep in a field. Some days I think, 'man, I wish I was a sheep. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to bother you. Just chill out all day.' But, really, I'd get bored.

If I was a sheep, I'd break from my herd, who were all perfectly happy just munching, and go on an adventure!

If you were a sheep and you walked into a shopping centre, what would you think? Put yourself in the hooves of a sheep. Maybe you would wonder why there wasn't any hay in the feeding trough (the trolleys to us). Or maybe you would think that leg of meat looked...(I'll leave you to fill in this blank!)

It's fun to see the world from a different perspective sometimes. Don't get me know, I like being a human (for the most part), but what's life without a bit of imagination?

Enjoy being a sheep on this fun-day-Friday. Go about your day, thinking what a sheep would think of what you're doing or the conversations you're having.

After all, when is it not appropriate to act like a sheep!

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