Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day 127: Lions of Bath, 2010

Yep, it's true. The lions have left Bath to start another fun filled adventure (if you haven't a scooby what I'm talking abut see Day 25)!

But, I was lucky enough to say goodbye to ALL of them without traipsing round the whole of Bath. They all got together and had a little send off in the park. Just for you guys I took some picture of my favourite ones. Take a look and share the magic...

This one's made of plants!

Wordsworth, Scrabble tiles!

La La Sensory Lion, Gotta love a bit of collage.

A series of Unfortunate Events, This one's got guts!

FloraLeo, Soo pretty.

Daisy Honeysuckle, One lion, millions of pictures!

Dave, Actual blades!

Killerbyte, This one's my absolute fav!
There are little people running away from the lion, with captions! Amazing!

King of Fudge, if only is was made of chocolate...

King of Pop, scarily realistic!

It was SUCH an amazing event. Everyone who was there loved it, whether they were old or young. I've said it before and I'll jolly well say it again, the Arts bring people together. Fact.

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