Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 81: The mystery...

The other day I went to have a 'coffee' with my mum and sister (none of us actually had coffee, but that's just what people say!). After we'd finished having a natter (and a cake) natured called and I had to pop to the loo. As it always is at coffee shops, there was only one toilet, so I found myself waiting.

At this particular coffee shop, the toilets were in a separate corridor which had a fire escape in it. On this door in big red capital letters read the words:


Why, o, why would a fire escape have such words on it? What if there's a fire 'after dusk'? Who even uses the word 'dusk' anymore?

As you can imagine, my mind wondered into all kinds of explanations...perhaps it leads to a twilight zone, where many people have been lost forever...maybe it's the only entrance to the lair of the most vicious vampires ever to appear in recorded history...or, once night falls, opening the door would cause the world to turn upside down, reaping havoc all across the world...

What story could you make out of such a strange sign...let your imagination go!

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