Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 77: Waiting thoughts...

Since I was young I have had this constant thought which comes back into my head from time to time. It's all to do with the idea of waiting. The way I see it, we are always waiting for something. Waiting for a bus, for the end of term, for dinner, for a friend, for a T.V. program, for the end of a T.V. program...Even when we are asleep are we not just waiting to wake up?

I remember being about ten when I first mentioned my thoughts to my mum on a car journey. I casually dropped into the conversation how we're always waiting and she told me how pessimistic (well, she probably used the word negative) it all was. Since then I've kept my 'waiting' thoughts to myself.

Today these thoughts don't have to wait any longer. Here they are in my blog! But, is there a positive slant I could give my (apparently) negative thoughts?

What if everything waits? Each day this blog is waiting to be written and each day I come back and fill it up...Isn't a blank sheet of paper waiting to be written on, drawn on, painted on, made into something? Isn't a instrument waiting to be played? Isn't a stage waiting to be used?

I guess the bigger question is, what are you waiting for? What is in the way of you and your creative ideas? Perhaps there's too much waiting and not enough doing?

I encourage you not to see my waiting thoughts as negative, but something inspirational. What is waiting for YOU? Perhaps there really is no time like the present...

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