Thursday, 26 August 2010

Day 80: 'My name is Mina'

Today I finished this wonderful book (check out Day 75 for more details). There are soooo many inspirational things in there I want to share with you, but if I did, I might as well call this blog, 'David Almond's blog.' So, for today I will just share one nugget of creativity that it gave me. If I had my way everyone would read it!

Throughout the book, Mina, whose diary it is, gives the reader 'Exterordiary Activities' to do. You must understand that it was REALLY hard for me to chose only one to share with you today, as they were all bursting with creative potential. This, however, is the one I have chosen:

Take a line for a walk.
Find out what you're drawing when you've drawn it.
Take some words for a walk.
Find out what you're writing when you've written it.
Tke yourself for a walk.
Find out where you're going when you get there.''

So, there you have it, the inspirational thought of the day. Do it, draw it, write it, walk it.

Where will you and your creativity go today...?

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