Saturday, 21 August 2010

Day 75: Me and my book(s)

Whenever I read a book that's really good, I get really excited about writing. I'll barely finish a page without having a new idea for a story I'm working on. I stop, quickly scribble it down and carry on reading.

Sometimes (if it's really good) it gives me ideas for old stories I've already 'finished' (a story is never really finished in my opinion, you just chose to stop writing/tweeking/editing it) I want to add an extra chapter, a whole new ending, another character...

Reading makes writing exciting!

Of course, it can have the opposite affect on me too. If I think a book's rubbish, I'll lose all passion for writing. Now the question is, should you see it through to the end, or just chuck it?

I'm a fan of writing in books. Some people are totaly against it, but it helps me remember where the good bits are. The book I'm reading at the moment is a hard back, so I've decided to only write in pencil. If it's a charity shop jobby, then pens fine (a little fact I thought you needed to know!). Do you write in books?

I'm reading My name is Mina at the moment by David Almond. Have you ever read Skellig? Well ,he wrote that too and I think they are both brilliant. He has inspired a lot of my writing with his subtle tone and moving characters. It looks like he's going to influence a lot more stories yet to be written. My name is Mina is FULL of creativity, imagination and wonder (I think these are the right words). This is not a book review, but I DO encourage you to read it if you can. It looks like this:

In September, I am going to a talk by David Almond (as part of the Bath Kid's Lit Fest) and I'm SOOO excited! In case you haven't guessed already, you can expect a quote or two from Mina in the coming weeks. After all, it is my inspirational blog, so I feel it only appropriate to include what inspires me to be creative too!

Watch this space...

p.s. check out this review if you're interested.

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