Monday, 16 August 2010

Day 70: Fiesta

Yesterday, I spent the day with my family at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. It was great. First, we watch the Red Arrows do an impressive display. They tore through the sky in different formations. It seriously looked like they were held together with invisible string, they were so slick!

Then they broke their formation and went off in different directions. Very impressive. If you haven't seen a Red Arrows display, Go! It's excellent.

Here's my first challenge of the day. If you are into dance or choreography, then check out these clips of the Red Arrows. Push your boundaries and try and come up with your own routine for the Red Arrows. They have a dance all of their own. What would you have them do? Maybe you could send off your ideas to them!
After we'd seen the Red Arrows, we made our way to where all the hot air balloons were going to take off (it was a pretty long walk!) We sat down on the grass and had a little picnic. Eventually over 50 hot air balloons floated into the fading sky, all of them different colours and shapes. There was one in the shape of a dragon! It was amazing.

My second challenge is for all you designers. What would YOU put on a hot air balloon? What shapes and colours? Would you have a picture or just patterns?

Today you chose! Use what you've got and make it creative!

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