Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 71: Unique creations?

Technically, I've already spoken about the lions in Bath (check out day 25 if you didn't read it) but today's entry is a little different (so it's allowed!).

Just in case you don't know, for the past couple of months, Bath has been over run with lots of brightly decorated lion sculptors, 100 to be exact, to raise money for local charities. Each lion is painted by a different artist and sponsored by a different organisation (like a shop or the library).

Today, I was walking around Bath and it struck me how every single lion is completely different, but equally imaginative. There is one covered in scalpel knife heads to form it's mane. Another is covered with Mosaic tiles. Another, in material like a collage. One even in scrabble tiles!

Creativity really is amazing and what's even better is how every person has something different to give. All of these lions started the same, white. But each of these artists has transformed them into something unique.

Did you ever get given the task at primary school of decorating boiled eggs for Easter? Do you remember how every one looked different by the end. Well it's the same with these lions. That's the great thing about creativity. Each of us has something new to share.

What can you bring to the world? What are your ideas and skills? Where will your imaginations take you? Anyone can decorate a white lion sculptor, but no one can do it exactly like YOU.

Let it go and see where it takes you...

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