Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Day 58: Smilie

Today, I have dedicated this blog to a very special 'person' in my life. His name is Smilie. I bought him from a Christmas bazaar when I was 6 years old with my first ever pocket money (50p). We've been inseparable ever since, even to this day.

Here he is with a smile on his face, ready for every occasion. He has shared in my joys and my sadder times, always with a smile to greet each one. Happy, dependable and reliable. That's Smilie.
Why am I talking to you about a panda bear? Well, I have just been to see Toy Story 3 and if you haven't seen it then GO! It's really all about toys and their loyalty to their owners which is a nice idea. I like to think Smilie is loyal to me. I can tell you that it's because of the Jesse scene in Toy Story 2 (where her owner abandoned and forgot about her) that Smilie has never left my bed. Do you have a special toy like Smilie that you used to play with?

Smilie's getting a little old now, so he spends most of the time sitting on my bed chillin' out, but when we were young we would get up to all sorts. I remember making him a drum kit out of plastic pots and lolly sticks, playing make believe all the time, and I even made the scarf he is fashioning in this picture.

Creativity is in my past, shown through the life of my favourite childhood toy. What do your toys show? Childhood is full of creativity (which I spoke about on Day 13). There's a great scene in Toy Story 3 where the growing up Andy and a little girl called Bonnie play with his toys. Playtime was and is full of imagination and fun. Do YOU remember? Go back to your play days and see what you can find. You never know what you might will it inspire you now?

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