Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day 57: Campervans

Aren't they just great! It's basically a house AND a car! What more could you want? There is so much I could say about campervans, but for today, I will try to stick to their creative element (but it'll be hard!).

Think of a colour, and then another. Maybe a pattern or two. Then a curtain design and a seat pattern. Hey, why not chuck in a personalised logo too. Throw them all together and the chances are, you could probably find a campervan which covers the whole lot. They are all sooo different with their own unique style. You really can be as creative as you like with a camper!

When I was a teenager, we had a campervan. It wasn't quite as cool as a T1 or T2 like the ones above (yes I'm a campervan geek and know all the models!), but boy did we try. Instead of your average white T3 (which was the model they made after the cool ones above), we had it dark blue with a light blue Celtic boarder around it. We had carpet, curtains and seat covers to match and it was the coolest thing ever!

I want one now! You can tour the world in them in style and everything...
Anyway (I told you I'd get carried away!), this is your creative challenge for the day. Have a look at all the designs and choose your own. Have a think. What would you choose for your camper? Pick your own colours, curtains, patterns, hubcaps, seat covers, door knobs...and don't forget the accessories; cups, plates, tea towels, awning...I even found a template you can practise your designs on!

If that's not your thing, then maybe you could think about designing campervan merchandise. There's tons! Mugs, keyrings, clocks, pads, clothing, bags, bookends...

Go for a ride with it and see where you end up!

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