Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day 55: The draw!

As is the tradition with uni students, every summer brings about a change, whether it be to a completely new house or back to the comforts of home. To be honest, most of this 'change' brings about all sorts of annoyances. Everything has to be put into boxes and carted from here to there. You have to clean everything and generally it's just a big pain in the butt!

Speaking of buts, there is ONE thing which I have decided is a plus (kind of). It makes you sort out that draw/cupboard (even entire rooms in some cases) which you've been avoiding for ages and getting worse is the process. We all have one, student or not, that gets filled with 'things'. Birthday cards from 3 years ago, old ticket stubs, keys, buttons, paperwork, an odd know what I'm on about.

What has this got to do with inspiring creativity, I hear you ask? Well, if you have got anything from this blog so far, it should be that creativity can be sparked by anything. Even a minial task such as clearing out a forgotten draw. (Doesn't that just scream creative possibility to you!)

This is my challenge for you today. GO to that draw, delve right in and sort it out! Is this the challenge? No! The challenge is to enter it with your creative thinking cap on. What will you find? How will it inspire you? Who knows! The only way to find out, is to do it.

Better yet (or simply to avoid that dark place), why not do someone else a favour? Offer to sort out your nan's draw. That big dresser in the hall where she keeps stuff from decades ago. Now that would be an interesting draw!

What will you find to spark your imagination today...?

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