Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 34: T-shirts

Today I have been thinking about design. Everything that we see in the man made world is designed by someone. Cars, buildings, microwaves, gardening tools, mobile phones...even this blog was designed by someone (sorry its gone a bit scuwiff at the moment. I'm kinda waiting for it to sort itself out!)

All these thoughts were whizzing through my mind whilst I was working and what do I see at work? People. So, I was thinking about design and seeing lots of people which made me think about t-shirt design (we get there a last!).

T-shirt designs always fascinate me. All the different colours, shapes, styles, patterns...There really is so much I could talk about, but I'll reign myself in! I'll focus on what's on the t-shirt.

You can get your generic spots or strips or the label designs which spell out their brand name somewhere, usually in a completely indiscreet way (you know the ones I mean.) I'm talking about unique, one-of-a-kind cool designs.

My top prize for today's t-shirt viewing session goes to a boy who was wearing a white t-shirt completely covered in little black ants (prints, not real ones that are squished on or anything). The black and white made the contrast stark and it completely captured the characteristics of an ant colony, whilst still being a cool t-shirt design; brilliant!

With this in mind I am asking you to get involved in my t-shirt search. Keep an eye out for t-shirt designs whilst you're out and about. They are everywhere!

What would YOU put on a t-shirt? How would it change for the other gender, or a different market? Would you use transfers or print on the fabric...?

Be different...Be creative...

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